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Delta introduces ultra high power density 48V / 12V two-way DC-DC converter

Delta application power electronic technology and rich market experience, recently for data center applications, launching the 48V / 12V two-way DC-DC micro-converter U50SU4p162 for ultra-high power densities, achieving efficient, stable and reliable power systems.

When you publish dynamics and stickers in the community, share life moments and express your feelings, when you focus on online games, enjoy the happiness of victory, when you can’t go to work or go to school due to the epidemic, need home office or When working online, the back is back to a data center that is not allowed to support these daily lives in a service center. The data center brings us convenient life and entertainment, and with the rapid development of technology, the continued growth of data usage is promoted to the growth of the global data center.

According to the market adjustment report, from 2020 to 2025, the global data center traffic will grow 3 times, and the growth rate of 20% to 30% is maintained every year, plus 5G and AI automatic automobile development, global epidemic impact, conservative The estimated minimum will last until 2025. As the data center energy consumption increases, the power usage efficiency (PUE) of the data center is getting higher and higher. The general data center is powered by a traditional 12V busbar. The DC power consumption and pressure drop brought about by the system is too large, so many large factories have been powered by the 48V bus. Corresponding to this shift, the 12V / 48V two-way DC-DC converter U50SU4p162 of Delta ultra high power density is born.

Dr. Tang Wei, director of R & D Director of Delta DC Power Department, pointed out that in the data center, super computer, and even automotive electronic systems, the increase in electricity density makes the demand for 48V power supply increasingly common, driving supply demand changes, many high power AI The computers use a 48V power supply. TATA is developing DC-DC converter U50SU4p162 with advanced, innovative technology, and converts 48V to the intermediate bus voltage required for the post-level voltage regulator; on the other hand, the company that has not completed the power supply structure conversion, this reverse application The module can convert the original 12V to 48V to power the post-level system to meet different system power supply needs.

Dr. Tang Wei said: “We are using the application needs of the new generation of information, play the advanced technology advantages of Delta, develop more comprehensive power solutions, including a series of high-density high-efficiency modules, and U50SU4P162 is this program The important key. We look forward to this program to achieve higher efficiency, more friendly applications, and bring new benefits. “

Delta introduces ultra high power density 48V / 12V two-way DC-DC converter

Figure Table Ultra High Power Density 48V / 12V Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

U50SU4P162 provides 12V / 48V two-way DC power conversion, using a switching frequency of 1 MHz, extremely reduced the module size, only 23 * 17.4 * 10 mm minimal body output power can reach 800 W, power density is more than 3,000 W / INCH3, achieving 98% conversion efficiency, and maximum capacitance of 10,000 μF, with double-sided heat dissipation ultra-low thermal resistance, achieving efficient and reliable operation for data center. In particular, the U50SU4P162 supports the PMBUS power management bus, which can upload power to the system main controller in real time to monitor, manage, and exceed most of the market on the market. In addition, Delta can customize the customer according to the needs of users, including freely configuring electric power, optional tiles, etc., providing customers with more flexible, diverse choices.

The U50SU4P162 series takes into account functions, power density, small-scale, customized demand, perfect satisfaction with advanced application needs such as today’s data center, super computer. In the future, when you drive a smart electric car, play the mobile phone online game, use IG to share the beauty, perhaps the DC-DC converter that Delta is in the whole year, and improves your life.