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Why did the child have learned from three years old, or will not say it?

Why did you learn more than a dozen years?

But always step on

We will find that children’s English learning will often encounter such two types of problems in the process of learning English.

A child, starting from 3 years old, I have always feel very interesting, I like English courses, but English ability has been stepped on, I have learned from 7-8 years, and I still can’t achieve free expression in the fourth grade. English books, and children have already paid for so many years, so began to boring English.

Another part of the child, starting to learn English from the first grade, starting the word sage rules, learning 3-5 years, English can not achieve free expression, free reading the English book of the same age, the number of words 2000 is not arrived, feel It has been very hard, but when it is used, it will be cashed.

For example, let’s see a MAP, ask in English “Look at Ben and Jill. How do the get grandma’s house?”


Many children’s response are:

I won’t this sentence! The teacher didn’t teach! Or teachers teach, I will not say.

But when the answer gives:

1) Go Left along sun road.

2) TURN Right At Park Street.

3) TURN Right Again at school road.


5) Go Along Flower Road Till You See A Big Tree.

6) Go Into the house with the big tree.

Parents and children will find that

1, words have been learned, the sentence is very simple, that is, it will not be used.

2, I haven’t learned, I haven’t seen it, I will not. So, I have learned so many years of English feelings and there is not much learning.

You see, the level of tube is high, the children have learned the difference between 5-6 years, or stay in the backrest, relying on the teacher’s teaching.

Think care, this is because most children learn English from the misunderstanding. Many children learn 3-4 years English also can’t write: Continuous logic expression.

(The picture above is the article that has been written after 1-4 grade of our course after training)

In the early childhood, there are several words per class. Most of the time used to play games. Many schools have more than 100 words, which are more than 100 words. It can learn English well. Everyone thinks about my mother tongue, all Students must use a lot of use, soak the environment, but the language ability is still uniform, not to mention English learning.

The high school stage back words, grammatical, back, followed by the teacher, practice pronunciation, do not know the core of English is to say, then recognize words 2-3 years, you can read, read words … …

After the child learns a lot of English,

Urgently need “efficient output exercises”

Yes, you didn’t look wrong.

Children’s learning for words, phrases, sentences, and corresponding grammar is just entering the theoretical level of learning. On this basis, combined with a large number of original reading and listening, it can be referred to as effective input; however

Efficient output exercises after efficient input, that is, oral and writing, is a core element that determines English capabilities.


We have tested some children, and children know this picture or word.

Let the children look into the picture to speak. A little friend who speaks well in language will say: The elephant is big and strong. He Wants to Eat. Or The Elephant Is Big. More known maps and words of children write: Elephant Big. There is no sense and sympathy.

When we compared the child’s results, everyone suddenly realized that children learned so many years English is not vocabulary, but there is no most basic language thinking ability.

The children speak ELEPHANT and speak BIG. But it is not possible to form a sentence correctly.

You see, the children are missing vocabulary, nor is it a grammar. The key is that there is no complete construction and training for your child’s language system, how to use known vocabulary to form what you want to say.

A person who never has basic language thinking, leaning on “passive” filling, how can you learn English?

In the pyramid theory of this English language system theory, if the child lacks a piece of block, the language will lack a big vulnerability, and how can you learn?

1) Learning English is class, the teacher carries the game, the teacher lectures children listen. 2) The child is almost always studying syntax, back word, making a roll … 3) English teacher encountered English teacher, basically teaching knowledge points, rarely teach you to the learning method from entering the output, as well as English Thinking method. 4) Although it has always been listened to the original reading, a large number of brushs, but I don’t know how to output it.

Be sure to try to choose the original reading of a large number of inputs, when the child takes the initiative to absorb, then take the teacher’s method, you can train themselves independently, and reach the effect of halving.

1 classes in a week, take out 10 minutes to use the teacher’s method to practice, and it will find that it is completely different before.


Have English thinking ability, natural output

It’s enough 10 minutes a day!

To learn English in children, you must meet 2 conditions:

1, effectively input:

The corpus is purely authentic, a large number of original reading, and can be used to use, which is in line with the level of learning.

2, high quality output:

There must be an “output” method, which can grasp the essential law of learning language, the materials and information absorbed, and can be precise “output”.

Based on this, we selected very popular RAZ, conducting a course, let the children go through the teacher’s professional guidance, and can achieve efficient independent output exercises.