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Small thin legs are walking! Three long boots whose thick legs must be seen

The cold winter warm and thin boots are absolutely essential. Look at the winter boots wear in the near future, some people wear a good body, someone is destroyed once, the following is the three prestigious boots, today we Let’s take a look at the thinity of the three boots, you must see the small thick legs of the purse!

[First, wide mouth knee boots]


Trendy: OK


Something: quite

Shape leg straight: end

Taylor Swift has recently been very popular, and the color of the traffic light looks very popular.

This boot has passed once, and the Aldo bag and trousers smooth. Because the boots are wider, it seems that her calf is worse.

Reese Witherspoon also likes to wear a wide boot, and the boots are empty. The left is a Goyard bag + Golden Goose boots, the right is the W Bag + Michael Michael Kors boots of LV.

Barke Lively also passes through a few pairs of wide mouth boots, the left is Michelle Kim coat, the right is the Lindsey Thornburg cloak.


Wide hole boots Although the legs are thin, the leg type cannot be corrected. The two pairs of boots in the picture below, people who change their legs are definitely disaster.

So, Fanning, this pair (from this winter to this year) Alexander Wang boots better, there is a blocked knee, more modified with leg shape, she matches unfortunate portrait shirt + Ji Givech mini Pandora bag.

[Second, close-legged knee boots]


Trendy: quite

Something: OK


Shape leg straight: quite

Why cover the knee leggings? Because the closet of the legs are more shaded, the more you can identify the legs. Therefore, it can simultaneously cover the knee + ankle joint, the legacy is the first place.

This year’s knee boots have two popular elements: 1, last year, there are still many leather faces, this year, most of this year is suede, 2, many last year just cover the knee (such as Fan Ning to wear this year That double Alexander Wang), most of this year, more than 10 cm of knees.


Celebrity Olivia Palermo is always a fashionable pace! 1 WESTWARD LEANING sunglasses + Nina Ricci lace sweater + Thurley Shorts + She is working with Aquazzura long boots.


Another ladies who like mix and match, Nicky Hilton, Topshop skirt + stuart weitzman boots.


If it is a sexy match of the light leg + over the knee boots, it is recommended that the thigh will come out, it is more, it is too big, but it looks thick.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley This double Stuart Weitzman is also a match, plus everyone’s Barbari Cloak + Kerr has also tied the Dillon package of Michael Michael Kors.

This type of boots must want to be thinner, the best match is Ms. Sister, Alaia black elastic knee boots, set outside black tights, more.

[Third, the boots who have been entered into the cold palace]

Trendy: Easter



Shape leg straight: general

Tightly enclose the calf, but the boots who expose the knees look very “aunt”, such as Jolie recently, the left picture is a 1495 pound SMYthson bag.

Will this boot + half transparent black silk, from aunt to aunt, such as Kate, Kate, GOAT dress + Stuart Weitzman for russell and bromley boots.

Aniston also wears like this, the upper body Alexander McQueen coat and Karl Lagerfeld plaid dress is very good, I see the lower body, I want to help her.


Ok, say so much, in fact, how to wear, you will be happy. Winter is wearing boots, don’t you ask for a warm? Like So, big scarf Kristinit semi skirt + Christian Louboutin boots, wearing a thick pantyhose, is the warm and most comfortable dress in winter!

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