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What is Adidas prevents wind?

Speaking of windclocks, as the preferred brand of sports equipment, many outdoor enthusiasts will think of “how the Adidas anti-winding” is. Adidas launched Luminaire J outdoors in October, Knitting Windfish Hoody Eggs and Questions and Answers. This series of outdoor eggs has good wind, waterproof performance, is a good choice for outdoor athletes in winter.

Outdoor fitness, strong equipment is an important prerequisite


Usually, to make an outdoor movement, then the choice of equipment is necessary. The weather is getting cold, and an outdoor anti-windbreaker is essential, which allows you to have a half-melled in an outdoor fitness, better enjoy outdoor sports.

Adidas anti-windbreaker makes sports experience more effective

Adidas Luminaire J makes the exercise experience more effective. This outdoor eggk has good wind resistance and waterproof performance, is a composite waterproof fleece with a variety of environments. The inner layer fleece makes the warmth effect, which can improve the cold performance of the athlete in the outdoor movement, providing excellent protection for the wearer in winter outdoor activities.

Adidas anti-windbreaker makes sports more

Luminaire J comfortably ensures that the event is free. Simple atmosphere gray and black series, greatly improve the fashionability of the product, classic hood design gives outdoor atters better protection, preventing cold winds from invading, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of outdoor sports.




Adidas anti-windbreaker is a sports added oil

Adidas’ product quality is in combination with the sports concept pursued. Adidas is also intended to pursue self-love of friends, surpassing themselves. Just like Adidas’s anti-windpy not only pays attention to the professionalism of the product, paying more attention to enhancing the sports performance of the athlete, helping the athletes challenge the movement limit.