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Speaking: From the inspirational 100 China Brand Day series activities to look forward to the vision of Chinese brand building

Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhuanet Shanghai May 10 (Feng Kong Wu Hao Zhang Yu) May 8th to 10th, Xinhua News Agency, China Brand Construction Promotion Association, State-owned Assets Municipal Committee of the State Administration of State, in Shanghai start up. China Brand Building Summit Forum and China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release, Brand Tasting, Pujiang Brand Night, Brand Credit Construction, Rural Revitalization and Agricultural Brand, China New Manufacturing and Digital Transformation and Multi-theme Forum, issued The Times of Chinese Brand Construction.

The Central Economic Work Conference requires “attention to demand side management”, the brand is an effective means of guidance, improvement, and excitation. Accelerate the construction of new development patterns, need to guide resources through brand building, guide resources, and lead the industrial transformation and upgrading, serve the blocking point of the double cycle. The “Tenth Five-Year Plan” proposed “China Brand Creation Action”, which puts forward higher requirements for brand construction.

How should the enterprise strengthen the brand building under the two-cycle big? How can the country have a new way to build a brand as a starting? What does the regional brand building a strong country building? From the inspirational 100 China Brand Day series, we can look forward to the development of the Chinese brand building during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Chinese brand promotes the new development pattern of “double cycle”

In recent years, the international and domestic development situation has become increasingly complex, and China is proposed to gradually form a new development pattern that has been facing the domestic circulation as the main body and domestic international double cycle.

Haier Group President Zhou Yunjie


Zhou Yunjie, president of Haier Group, said, building a new development of dual cycles, the starting point is that the domestic circulation, and the premise of the universal domestic circulation must be the consumption upgrade of resident income, and the consumption upgrade is inseparable from the high quality supply of the brand.

“Therefore, to create a high-end brand, thus pulling new consumption, stimulating new kinetic energy, playing a brand in China’s large cycle.” Zhou Yunjie said.


During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, how to scientifically grasp the new development stage, adhere to the new development concept, and actively build a new development pattern, create a good corporate credit brand, which is the new task, new challenges and new requirements for our company.


Gao Hongtao, Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Xifeng Co., Ltd.


“Accelerating the construction of domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion of new development patterns is also a strategic opportunity for my country’s corporate brand credit internationalization. As a Xifeng wine that has grown in the glowing of the ancient silk road, it is constantly Grab the important historic opportunities of the ‘and all the way’ initiatives, actively build China’s brand with international market influence. “Gao Hongtao, deputy general manager of Xifeng Co., Ltd., Shaanxi, said.

Juan Yao Group Party Committee Secretary

How should national brands gather together to “double cycle”, lead new consumption? In general, you still have to do bigger, serve the details. Chen Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Yao Yao Group, said that the competition in the world in the world is actually the competition in the details. Some foreign companies are very strong, but is technology not a detail? There is no detail, there is no technology. Therefore, technology is a lot of “devil”. The details are the devil. It has a lot of “devil”, and link it to become a big “devil”, which is a product that has impact on the market.

Country revitalization, industries first, brand is


The nation must revitalize, and the village must revitalize. After the victory of the poverty, the rural resolution strategy is fully promoted. Rural Revitalization Strategy provides a new opportunity for China’s agricultural development.


With the advancement of agricultural modernization, Chinese agriculture has entered the brand era. Branding is an important indicator of agricultural modernization. It is an important starter of the reform of agricultural supply. It is also an important driving force for the implementation of rural resolution strategy. Rural Revitalization Strategy provides a new opportunity for China’s agricultural development, strengthening agricultural brand building is justified.

Member of the Xinhua News Agency, the Secretary-General

Member of the Xinhua News Agency, the secretary-general, Jiaxiang said that brand building is a long-term systematic engineering, the creation of agricultural brands is more difficult due to its particular industry, but also need to work hard, but also need to pay attention to all walks of life. Participate together, help them together.

There are many excellent agricultural brand construction cases in China to provide reference for national agricultural brand construction. Take Guizhou as an example. In recent years, Guizhou has made a lot of colorful national cultural resources, and the advantageous industries such as tea, wine, launched a group of high-quality 系 系 品, became a bright business card in Colorful Guizhou, which is powerful The visibility, reputation and influence of Guizhou national culture and brand, realized the double promotion of national cultural inheritance and economic development, became a new growth point of Guizhou economy.


The country’s revitalization industry is necessary, and the industrial upgrading is the key to helping rural revitalization. Jinhe Tianrun is a modern agricultural enterprise specializing in the production and operation of fruit industry. In just two years, through the formation of industry alliances, more than 10 large agriculture of cherry and grapes have been invested in domestic and foreign countries. The complex project has become a head enterprise in the domestic facility cherry and facility grape industry.

“The Township of Chinese Vegetables” Shouguang is an important vegetable distribution center in the country, the price formation center, information exchange center and the logistics distribution center. Li Peng, deputy secretary of Shouguang Municipal Party, said that Quality is the lifeline created by the brand. In recent years, Shouguang has been controlled by intelligent control, strengthens the quality assurance of Shouguang vegetable brand.

Anji white tea “is constantly improving. There are also many” technology content “. It is reported that Anji has fully enabled large data trading platforms, and the original tea garden management, agricultural product traceability and other platforms are integrated in block chain technology. To ensure that the total amount of the original production site Anji white tea is controllable, the transaction can be checked, the quality is close to the agricultural product brand, and Anji “Song Yu White Tea” has realized the whole process of the product from the final Duel, with quality tea prices rose by about 10% from last year, only this one has increasing 20 million yuan for enterprises.

The industry is a rural revitalization of economic cornerstone.

The total planting area and total output of my country’s walnuts are in the world, but the problem of walnut industry is very prominent. Some small workshops extract walnut oil through traditional press technology, but low oil output rate, quality standards may not reach national standards, which leads to difficulty production and supply of walnut processing products. Yu Siyuan, Chairman Yunnan Oriental Red Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that only the closed loop from planting, processing to consumption, forms three-child promotion,

The benign circulation of binary production can ensure the sustainable development of the walnut industry.

Building a brand strong country to play regional brand power


Deputy Director of the People’s Government of Fengxian District, Shanghai

Chinese brand, world sharing, this is the tenet of 2021 China brand day series, and the direction in which Chinese brand is full of running. In the Chinese brand, the construction of regional public brands, as an important starting hand of deepening the structural reform of the supply side, has been brought to the “fast lane” in the policy and the market.

Gu Yu, deputy director of the People’s Government of Fengxian District, Shanghai, the brand is an intangible asset, a silent business card, is a productivity, cultural power and heart force. China’s future needs a group of regional public brands that lead the world. In the past, we have quality and no brand. Now we have to have quality to have a brand, from a single to integration, from changing the wind to unique cultural creation, today’s competition is increasingly tending to brand competition, the brand is coming in the future focus.

Zeng Guangchao, Vice President of the Construction Promotion Association of China

Zeng Guangchao, Vice President of China’s Old Areas Construction Promotion Association, said that after winning the poverty of poverty, after completing a well-off society, we must further consolidate the expansion of poverty achievements, and do a good job in revitalizing this country. He suggests that we must consolidate the development of brand poverty alleviation, use brand poverty alleviation experience, help rural resolution and brand strong country, continue to carry out the revolutionary old district’s brand strong county country revitalization action, and strive to achieve the effective connection and transformation of brand poverty to brand Qixian, help Pushing the old rural villages to realize the morning.

Deputy Secretary General of China Brand Construction Promotion Association, General Manager Li Tien, General Manager of Subsidicity (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd.

“Every region should build a good brand, sub-brand, subdivision variety, standard to serve the object, build standard system.” Deputy Secretary-General of China Brand Construction Promotion Association, Winning Bids (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Tien’s suggests, to do a good job of standard positioning, rather than simple safety standards, superimposed quality standards, only to build a characterful regional public brand standard to enhance regional public brand value.

Li Zhe, director of China’s National Brand Network Brand Planning Center, is in the “China Regional Public Brand Development Path Analysis Report (2021)”, said that each excellent city should launch its own regional public brand. Li Zhe said that through special brand construction, he can promote the development and strengthening of regional economy. He uses the Navel Orange in Nannan, and the Navel Orange, Sannan Navel Orange has introduced technology in 1960. Through more than 30 years of product brand construction, it has formed today’s agriculture. The brand’s brand value list, the brand value has reached 67.8 billion yuan in 2020, and the Navel Orange in Weinan has reached a million people in the southern region, accounting for about one million in Zhangzhou’s resident population.

Innovation promotes new consumption of new economic cultivation of brand building

Whether it is helping the “double cycle” or boosting the revitalization of the country, the importance of the brand is self-evident. How to promote brand building for companies? Many participants in the experts, entrepreneurs give answers: promotion of brand building, thus the new economic cultivation.


Bosideng International Holdings Limited Chairman and President Gao Dekang

Bosideng International Holdings Limited Board of Director and President Gao Deng believes that China’s national brands have been continuously innovation in the development in recent years. In terms of brand enhancement, Bosideng has always adhered to the promotion of products from the brand, and the channel improvement, and eventually changing the original face . In Gao Dekang’s view, the brand is high, the product is depth, the brand’s innovation is critical, whether it is designer or artist design, only in the design constantly improved innovation, it can make the brand to extend, thus promoting the development of the entire industry .

Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Wine Co., Ltd. Zhang Zheng

Zhang Zheng, Chairman of Shaanxi Xifeng Co., Ltd., said that the new starting point of China’s economic high-quality development, the company must keep the consumer and consumption concept, consumption habits. “Through high-quality, it is the same as the national brand represented by the national brand, will be guided by the cultural confidence, with the quality of the mission, with everyone to continue to develop.”

China Salt Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Li Yaqiang

At present, the consumption of the salt should meet the health needs of consumers, and the salt does not eat, but it is also not good for health. How to solve this contradiction? The answer to China is: innovation. Li Yaqiang, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Salt Group Co., Ltd., said that China salt is active in two aspects: First, different application scenarios, different consumption scenes to customize a variety of subdivided salts. The second launch of new salt products such as “soft water” “dishwashing salt”, etc., promote health salts, contribute to new economic development.


Just as Qiang Xixiang said that the Party Central Committee, the State Council attaches great importance to brand construction. From the establishment of “China Brand Day”, then to the “14th Five-Year Plan” clearly put forward “China Brand Creation Action”, my country’s brand building is ushered in spring, National brands are showing “extraordinary rising”.