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Shenzhen Consumers Association announced 20 home service comparison test results, a home service was warned

Beijing News (Reporter Feng Jing) On September 18, Shenzhen Consumers Association issued 20 home service comparison test results. The results show that a nominal brand of Taobao “梦 家” shop online shopping is a home service, label information is missing, the purchase page declares that cotton, the measured fiber ingredient is not cotton, Alert.

The Shenzhen Consumers Association said that this comparative test test project relates to the label identification, security, durability, and 20 items of the four major categories of comparison.

The results show that the label identifier, the label information of the 2 home service of H & M is defective. The security category is marked, respectively, and the standard year error is performed. After the reflection, the merchant also immediately made it.

The nominal brand is a home service for “Butterfly Raise Costume”, the fiber ingredients are not compliance. In the Taobao shop name, a nominal brand of “梦 家” store purchased a nominal brand of “Butterfly Raise Costume”, lacks the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, fiber ingredient, maintenance method, durability Label, and number specifications, and implementation of the standard year also marked errors. Consumers can’t get their fiber ingredients from home service, in the purchase page, the store declares that its “cotton”, the test results show that the content of the fiber component is “100% polyester fiber”, that is to say This product does not contain cotton, does not meet the national standard requirements. This store not only claims to be “pure cotton” “” Pure Cotton “,” you can smell fresh cotton “, naked false propaganda. After further feedback information, Taobao also replied to the product to be processed.

In terms of security, a home service of the American standard, the formaldehyde content is detected, but the content of 29 mg / kg is lower than the national standard limit 75mg / kg. Although the formaldehyde value detected is not high, it is also recommended that consumers must be fully washed after purchasing home service, which will greatly reduce formaldehyde’s harm to the human body.

In terms of durability, a brand of “Heart-type long-sleeved pajamas set Bao San” home service, the brand is -11.6%, exceeding the standard – 9.0% of the standard. It shows that the garment is serious after washing, which will affect wearing and beautiful.

All samples of this comparative trial were randomly purchased by the staff in Shenzhen City, specialty stores, and online platforms, and the main materials containing cotton as the main material. The price is from 48 yuan / piece to 980 yuan / piece. All samples commissioned Shenzhen Customs (formerly Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) Industrial Testing Technology Center for testing. The standards based on the comparative test mainly include GB 18401-2010 “National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications” and other countries and industry standards and the EU REACH regulations.