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Eger bankrupt clearance, she ended with our youth

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For our ordinary people, Egg carries too many memory and feelings.

Recently, “Women’s Brand Egg Bankruptcy” news, instantly pull my thoughts back to the student era. At that time, in the school uniform wearing an Alge’s shirt, showing the lovely collar between red and white, you are the fashion of the class. With graduation, work, Egg gradually left our line of sight.

I heard Alqi, it is its large-scale closing shop. During “Double Eleven”, the official WeChat public number of the Shanghai Bankruptcy Tribunal released articles, indicating that it will be stored in the online store “Shanghai Egg Manager Shop”.

Although the size is not full, the physical map is not good, but the price is basically the original price of the original price, 30 yuan of sweater, 60 yuan trousers, 159 yuan long down jacket, almost a new second day.

Now, this store has more than 30,000 fans, still continues to be new. And will also sell Eig Weekend, Eger, such as Eig, several brands of clothing.

As a person who has bought Eig, I won’t buy it again, but I saw the brand that I used to accompany your youth, or there is a feeling of pity.



In those years, we pass Egg


Many people don’t know that Eger is actually a French brand founded by German. In 1916, the first store was opened in Germany, selling underwear and socks.

Soon, Eig was acquired by a French company, moving to Paris, and it is also a hundred years old.

In 1995, Egg opened the “China’s first store” in Shanghai. At the beginning of the millennium, the big shopping malls in other cities have this brand, Egg’s expansion, just caught up with China 80, 90 we started Cognitive time.


In my memory, there is no “Egg ETAM” in the mall, and there are several departments such as Egg Weekend, Egg Sports, and all of youth cute girl, often use red and white Blue color, let the students have an initial impression of “French style”.

Egg also invited the supermodel Natalia Vodianova to shoot a campaign, which looks still fashionable.


Eig’s clothes are not cheap.

Around 2005, the price of thicker coat in winter is more than 1,000 yuan, shirts, sweaters, almost three or five hundred. In the same time, the true price, the US brand, the regular price is almost half of it.

In the first year, we took the new Alg’s female classmates in the shopping mall, and the status was equivalent to buying the new Chanel bag. Bai Fumei.

But in Egg, it is often discounted, and often has a low price of three or five folds. For most of the unusual girls, often seem to have a piece, wait until the discount season, drag the mother to go shopping, It is not too distressed when you buy it.

But there is a saying that Alley’s clothes are expensive, but the quality is really good. I have had a lattice shirt between red and blue, from the beginning of the middle, until you can’t wear it, it has never deformable.

Every time I see the same three or five hundred, I will think of a fast fashion brand clothes that have been throwing a washing machine. I will think of the quality of the Eig Shirt that is good. Junior high school graduation, I wore it, standing in front of the male child liked.


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No longer fashionable Eger, quietly

After the university, Zara, H & M These high-style fashion brands of Europe and the United States began to capture the wardrobe of the girls.

Many online stores sell clothes are cheap and fashionable, and a price of an Eig sweater can match the new style in the online store, but also go to the school to have a cup of milk tea.

The lotion of the girl’s wind, the dazzling dress, there is not so advanced pink … I feel very fashionable in Eger when I have a secondary school, and I have been a bit rustic.


But I have to travel to France, I saw the real “French Eger” in the street. The clothes inside the clothes are completely different from the country, not only “girls” can wear good-looking, and customers in each age.

Since 2012, Eger has closed a lot of shops in China. The family I have went shopping has not been survived. In the France of the hometown, Eig is equally optimistic. In August 2017, Egue Mi Etam Développement (Eger Group) announced that it was formally returned, and the number of stores in the entire European region was also reduced.

Currently in Shanghai, Eger is only a discount store in suburbs such as Qingpu, Qibao.

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Do you still pay attention to Eger?

Although the garment has been detained in the country, it is actually available in us or I can buy Egg’s underwear. Egg’s official Weibo also responded to the recent bankruptcy news. “French 100-year brand ETAM witnessed most of the 80, 90 girl youth memories, the girls also witnessed many high-gloss times of ETAM. The garment line leaves, the underwear line returns. You grow, ETAM is growing, thank you for your continued companion: ) “

The fancy image before the change, the simple route of the “basic paragraph, no steel ring”, the overall aesthetic, often appeared in some bloggers, but also catching the trendy publicity of live goods. In the field of initial starting, Is Eger win back to the hearts of Chinese girls again?

In 2020, it seems to have a good fortune.


Not only the Eger, the same time of ESPRIT, YEVIS and other brands have passed away this year, and there is a feeling of “an era”.

These brands carry 80, 90 love memories, is our enlightenment on the way of chasing the fashion, the same in the history of China’s clothing, leaving a concentrated ink.

In a competitive market, a brand disappears is just a game of capital. But for our ordinary people, the brand like Eig carries too many memories and feelings. It is also our youthful age.