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In the wardrobe, no one is white shirt.

Women’s wardrobe has a lot of clothes, but no one has a white shirt. White shirt is simple and even known as a single item that will never perform. Fortunately, the white shirt has already broken the storm, style, and all the fabrics are all enriched.

Waist chiffon shirt

A retro courty shirt. The organ pleated waist, create a s curve, dotted on the pearl lace, luxury. The back is also very simple, V-neck design is very bright, and it is equipped with a buckle lace buckle. Thin umbrella, double stitching, very romantic. Chiffon sleeves, comfortable, more long, medium, short-sleeved choices.

Loose linen shirt


A boyfriend’s shirt. Fashion small round neck + small V open, small dark neck. The back of the back, the shoulder step wrinkles, plus a little girl’s mind for the overall tough wind. When the weather is hot, the sleeves are very handsome!


Embroidered doll collar shirt


Front chest egg yarn embroidery, sweet and exquisite, and supplemented with cotton wire, enhanced three-dimensional sensation. Peter Pan doll collar, young and fashion, followed by hierarchical invisible zipper, convenient to wear. Slim tailoring, showing charming curves and elegant temperament.

Embroidery lace shirt

Lace is really clear, embroidered enchanting sexy, both partial, is a delicate and charming shirt. The lady loves its sexy, Loli loves its clear purity. Princess thin waist Tailor + lace mesh pendulum, both the line, and a plurality of

Cotton stand Slim shirt

The chest uses a unique cotton cross-stitch fabric to create this elegant commuter shirt. The whole use of thickened water washing cotton cloth, no shrinking, does not fall, and feel soft, comfortable. Very slim version of the row, refreshing.


Chiffon mesh white shirt

Chiffon line yarn, a simple and stylish shirt, is very handsome on the whole. And it won’t wrinkle, reducing too much burden. The neck and shoulder’s net gauze is a big bright spot, the seriousness of the collar, adding a woman taste.

Deep V sexy white shirt


This white shirt is to be elegant, gentle is gentle, killing! Deep V stacked, small lace shoulders, elegant and transplanted a sexy, can match the tide sweater, dress a suit, high-end coat, fur, always how to look, you deserve!


Korean version of the large size white shirt

Very simple chiffon white shirt, loose large size, natural and comfortable. Butterfly pendant leaders, pearlescent buttons, car line decoration, exquisite exquisite.


Cotton lace white shirt


Double lapel, lace, warm and romantic. Open the lace cuffs, delicate and feminine. The contrast of the shadow, add a bit of activity to the clothes. The front is a long irregular clothes, and the design is chic. Overall, there is a perfect combination with elegance and elegant.

Lace collar white shirt


The fungus border is the highlight of the whole dress, like a flower like a flower. Chest lace floral pattern bloom, beautiful romantic. Stitching chiffon sleeves, lightweight, matching.


Lace flowers are famous shirts

White rich white shirt, network red classic sees recommended. Mesh sleeves, on both sides of the waist, the three-dimensional antithalox petals, pearls, very luxurious. Neede, cuffs, front chest and very simple, conflict, harmony, very perfect.

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